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    Plex Dash


    Plex Dash is a tool created for obsessive Plex Media Server admins and with it you can monitor your server resources. It's been just over a year now since Plex released their dashboard on their webapp. It was useful but it's so limited.This app is great for seeing under the hood remotely on a phone or portable device. This app includes the following real-time server graphs, in-depth media details, and even a live server log viewer! I know sounds good right. Each stream is always represented on a colourful card. You have history too but what I found really useful is they show you the size of your libraries on their library cards. I'll go into things in more detail further down but to really hit the nail on the head this is very much an app friendly Tautulli.

    Now let me show you what I mean by cards. So whether you're on Android or IOS open up the app. << Yes those are hyperlinks. We're here for you don't worry!


    I know right. Looks pretty snazzy. All the info you need right there as soon as you open the app, boom you're on the Now Playing dashboard.


    Next along you have the search option. Does exactly what its meant to. It does a live search and it's actually quite rapid too. Go ahead search for'll spend a good few seconds now thinking of something, anything to search for....we'll wait.

    [insert Search picture here]

    Rapid right. Next along then, I feel like I'm auctioning things off, we have the Top Charts. Here you can find the top TEN shows/movies/music played on your Plex media server! Finally you have the chance to have the upperhand on spoilers for TV Shows whilst they're still kicking back in Season 1....amateurs.


    Going into anything in the Chart dashboard will show you the play history. So if you've just got that one user playing The Human Centipede then I guess maybe that's okay? As you can see from the centre picture there you can change the output if you click on the "more options" dots. Bit disappointed you can't change the duration values but hey ho. What is this a review, lets get back on track.


    *Important Note*

    The new version of Plexamp is for Plex Pass users only. To get Plex Pass click here
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