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  • NOTE: Rough Draft


    • Server (computer)
    • Thumbdrive (min size - X GB)

    Download a Proxmox ISO

    Visit the following URL to download a copy of Proxmox ~

    Preparing the Thumbdrive

    1. Download & Install - BalenaEtcher via ~
    2. Open BalenEtcher and mount Proxmox

    3. Select your target thumbdrive (ensure that it's formatted so your OS can read it)

    4. Select [Flash] to burn Proxmox to the USB Drive

    5. When the program is finished, it should be completed and now your thumbdrive is go-to-go

    Preparing for Installation

    Visit your server's (computer) BIOS and ensure that the server is able to boot from the thumbdrive as a first priority.

    Turning off UEFI / Boot Security

    Those with newer machines may run into the issue of boot security. As an example, an MSI gaming system boots utilizing UEFI protection. Basically, this computer will never boot from the thumbdrive and you may need to turn this off.


    From utilizing this system, we visited the following area and turned off Windows OS Support


    Next, we are finally able to select the USB thumdrive without UEFI.


    From here, we save and restart the machine.

    Promox Installation

    Once the system has rebooted, we should see the installation screen. Prior to installing, it's highly recommended to have your network cable plugged in so Proxmox can detect it prior.


    • Accept the EULA Agreement
    • Select a Target Harddisk for Proxmox to be installed
    • Select your location and timezone
    • Create a strong password that you will not forget
    • Setup your network accordingly.
      • Note: Recommended that you assign a static IP address

    An address will appear when everything is ready. Ensure to reboot your system and access it via https://

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