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    We are documenting the process to make things easier for you due to how poor things in regards to Proxmox are documented across the Internet. What is it that Proxmox can do for you? Proxmox enables a user to deploy a server and utilizes all of it's processing power by deploying virtual machines, make snapshots, backups and much more!


    Advice for a Noob

    When utilizing Proxomox or ESXi; this is known as a hypervisor. Please read the following areas in regards to understanding what hypervisors are and the benefits of a virtual machine.
    • Type 0 Hypervisor
    • Type 1 Hypervisor
    • Cloud Server

    So Why Not ESXI?

    Promox is free 100% of the way and does not require a license to utilize the software.

    Headaches with VMWare:
    • Does not provide any particular Drives, so there is a chance your hardware may not work.
    • Very expensive.
    • Has a limited 60 day period, which will cause you to lose features when the trial phase expires
    • Only allows a user to utilize a maximum of 8 virtual processors per virtual machine.
    • Forces you to learn less (it sounds good, but proxmox will improve your linux skils)

    So Why Proxmox?

    • Deploy on top of Debian Linux
    • Has very few issues in regards to hardware compatibility
    • 100% free with 0 limitations on the use of hardware
    • This very website is running within a Proxmox cloud instance.

    So Why use Proxmox over a Dedicated Install?

    • Allows you to make snapshots and backups of your machines
    • Can assign a fixed amount of resources for a virtual machine/container
    • Can deploy multiple virtual machines/containers on the same box
    • Can place a priority of a virtual machine/container over another if resources become constrained!
    • This website is running inside of a virtual machine instance right now utilizing proxmox!

    Hardware and Advice


    Proxmox does not require high end hardware to run, but the hardware selected should be based on how you want to utilize your server.
    • Processor - Should utilize on with more cores of all your virtual machines require more computing power. Case in point, if ran on proxmox, a slow processor would become problematic if two feeder virtual machines were installed; maxing all the processing power utilization. Even running a Plex server in a virtual machine is case dependent.
    • RAM - Virtual machines love RAM. The more that you have, the better. Having more RAM prevents virtual machines from becoming unresponsive.
    • Disk - If possible, utilize NVME or SSD Drives. Keep in mind that you are running an entire operating system. If the VM runs on a slow magnetic disk, performing jobs such as backups or running multiple VMs processing massive amounts of data can bring it to a grinding halt.
    • Split Drive Strategy - If possible, running VMs spread across multiple Drives is a good strategy to prevent one disk from being tapped out. Also, solo Drives allow backups of VMs to another disk apart from the original.
    • Graphics Card - Possible to conduct a bypass for a Plex / Emby VM to utilize, but we have not experimented with that yet. We will provide more information when we can.

    Proxmox Installation Methods

    Secure Domain Login via CloudFlare


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