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  • Remote Path Mapping



    Download mappings tell Radarr, Sonarr, and Lidarr where to look for downloaded files on your server.

    PG utilizes these mappings to enable hard linking. Files will process almost immediately with these mappings and with PG 8.3+.

    Without these mappings, files are forced to being copied instead of moved/renamed. This means that without these mappings, your storage device is doing 2x the work needed, and requires 2x in free disk space. This also causes a lot of IOWait reported in Netdata and causes extra wear on your storage device.

    PlexGuide utilizes a merged file system known as MergerFS.
    • PGX - /pg/unity
    • PG8 - /mnt/unionfs/
    However there are technical limitations when using a union file system. File operations must stay within the union to work as expected. So to "trick" Sonarr, Radarr, Lidarr and, etc to stay inside the merged drive, we use "remote path mappings" to rewrite the paths. These applications will rewrite the path with one that is inside within their respective drive as shown above. This means when importing, files can be hard-linked, which is instant and efficient.

    To overcome this limitation, PlexGuide will detect the imported files inside:

    • PGX - /pg/completed/category. Files in PGX utilize a new file upload system and will upload from their completed location. Applications such as Sonarr, Radarr, Lidarr & etc import files straight into /pg/unity/category.

    • PG8 - /mnt/downloads/category and move them to /mnt/move/category before uploading. If there was a way to have applications such as Sonarr, Raddar, Lidarr & etc import files straight from their respective, without losing performance, then we would do that (this is now resolved in PGX).

    Standard Download Mapping


    IMPORTANT: It's very important you get this exactly right. The host should be all lowercase and the paths are case sensitive. Failure to set these mappings or do them correctly will cause other issues.

    For each downloader you use, you need to setup a remote mapping per downloader.
    1 mapping is required for each downloader you use.
    The downloaders must already be installed before proceeding as it will refuse to save, if the path does not exist.

    If you decide to try another downloader, you'll probably forget about these required mappings and then run into issues. So we recommend adding all of them, even if you don't use them all.

    Additional Notes

    • Copy and paste these mappings into your Sonarr/Radarr/Lidarr config.
    • Keep the host all lowercase, it doesn't matter what you did, keep it lowercase!
    • the paths must be 100% the same as we have listed here, again copy and paste.
    • DO NOT change or add additional folders or categories to the end of these paths!
    • DO NOT change the host, do not add your domain url, leave it alone!

    Mapping Information - PGX



    ** Make sure paths are all lowercase ~ wiki is title-casing them (due to page linking)
    PGX Host​
    PGX Remote Path​
    PGX Local Path​


    ** Make sure paths are all lowercase ~ wiki is title-casing them (due to page linking)
    PG8 HostPG8 Remote PathPG8 Local Path

    Image Demonstration

    Use this image as a reference, once your done, it should look like this! Remember you need to do it in Sonarr & Radarr, Lidarr too if you use it. Ensure to match the paths respective to your version of PlexGuide!




    Different Processing Path?

    Replace /mnt with your processing location.

    For example, if you configured /mymedia as your processing disk:
    Remote Path​
    Local Path​

    Downloaders on Different Server

    Note This is only for the rare case for those who have separate servers for downloading and processing. Change the host to and leave the rest the same.
    Remote Path​
    Local Path​​
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