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  • DuckDns provider is one of the simplest methods to setup and is one that doesnt require a custom domain name as it uses DuckDns's own domain name with your own custom subdomain e.g.

    To get started browse to then login with a duckdns login that you will need to create first or the fastest method is to login with your google account, or using one of the other providers available:-

    Next choose one word to be used as your custom subdomain which you set in the provider field: -

    Once created duckdns defaults the current ip value to the public ip address your browsing from at the time so if your PlexGuide instance public IP isnt the same IP address then change the IP value accordingly then press the "update ip" button to change it.


    So in this example my fqdn is with a target ip, the full fqdn is the value to be used later in the 1. Traefik menu as your domain name, also you need to take note of the email address used with duckdns displayed as account value and the token value, in the below image although the values are whited out you will see your values which need to be used later. See the 2 highlighted keys below. Both values are displayed in the top table section of -

    Now we come to your PlexGuide instance Traefik menu 1. configuration.

    In the Traefik submenu you now go down the menu starting with option 1. Top Level Domain App, here you set whichever app you want as your TLD app or the app which will load as your root fqdn
    Option 2 Domain Provider you need to choose option 5 for duckdns: -

    Option 3. Domain Name you type in your full FQDN you set in DuckDns earlier so its replacing subdomain here with whatever you set earlier in duckdns webui.

    Option 4. Email Address, again type in your email address used earlier with your duckdns setup.

    Option 5. DNS Delay Check, this can be left with its default or can be set to 30 first but if you find your having deployment issues later this goes back up to 60 or even 120 secs if your provider is slow but for DuckDns 30 should be sufficient.

    Option 6. DUCKDNS_TOKEN, this is the Token value you took note of earlier from your DuckDns Webui.

    Lastly now you have setup all the required values you Select option A to deploy your Traefik container. Hopefully as long as you have set all the required options as mentioned above your Traefik should deploy successfully, once this is completed your PlexGuide Instance is now accessible via and also each app installed can be accessed using its own subdomain

    If you find your still having issues id advise you work backwards confirming you have all the required settings set right, then if your settings are correct post on the forums under the Traefik thread and myself or others will do there best to try to help out.

    Thanks and have fun Bodgeup
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