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  • Introduction

    Freenom provides free domains so it is a good option to use!

    Domain Configuration Process

    Configuring a Freenom domain is straightforward. We are gonna use the built-in PG Cloudflare option to deploy our freenom domain with Traefik.

    Cloudflare Settings

    Insert your freenom domain in Cloudflare. Change your domain nameservers to the ones given by Cloudflare. Go to Manage Domains on the FreeNom website, click on Manage FreeNom DNS and then change nameservers. We are done with FreeNom now. Wait for Cloudflare to pick up the changes and then we will continue configuring Cloudflare. Click the DNS tab. Add an A record with name Portainer and insert your server ipv4 address (see below). Leave the orange cloud on and press add. Note: this process has to be done for every app. Eg. for Radarr insert name Radarr and server ipv4 address.

    NOTE: Portainer has to be added before deploying. Other apps do not need to be added before deploying. Could also be done afterwards.

    Now we have to configure some more settings or the orange cloud (DNS/CDN) is gonna cause issues. Putting it on gray makes your domain working, but exposes your server IP. Go to tab Crypto and change following options:


    That it's it!
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