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  • Introduction

    GoDaddy’s API Key along with Traefik is the easiest option to use. GoDaddy’s Interface is dynamic along with the use of an easy API Key Generator. For people new to utilizing domain names, GoDaddy would be the recommended route!


    The Domain Configuration Process

    Prior to entering any information within PlexGuide, the user must point their domain to their assigned address. Failing to do so will result in nothing happening. Visit the following link below to easily access the domain configuration page:

    Once the records are observed, it is critical that two things happen here.
    • A wildcard (*) record is add.
    • Both the wildcard and primary domain are pointed at the IP Address.

    Information for Traefik

    Next, you will obtain key piece of information for Traefik. For Traefik & GoDaddy, you require:
    1. API Key
    2. Secret Key
    To obtain the information requested above, please visit.
    The next part is simple:
    1. Type whatever name you want (you can create all the keys you want)
    2. Click Production for it to work.
    3. Click Next to proceed onward.

    Wrapping Up

    1. Copy the information and save it to a text file in a secure location.
    2. If you lose the information, it's ok; you can create another key.
    3. Finally, they are not kidding; they will not show you the information again.
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