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  • Traefik


    Traefik enables a user to deploy a reverse proxy in a hasty-dynamic manner. Traefik enables PG Applications to be reached by utilizing a subdomain rather than through use of a port address.



    * Server ports 80 and 443 are open and clear. Running a webserver, cpanel, or caddy will block these ports!
    * A compatible domain
    * An IP address to a server that Traefik can talk to. Using a home server? View information below regarding DuckDns.

    PG YouTube

    Traefik Providers

    Please see the left hand panel in regards to the Traefik providers!

    NOTE: Overtime, we realized that CloudFlare is the easiest to configure for Traefik. Other provider's can tend to fail at times and frustrate the end user. You do not need a Cloudflare domain, but rather point your Domain from your current provider to Cloudflare. Please visit the Cloudflare provider section for more information.
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