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  • Welcome Page

    Welcome to PlexGuide.com! We are glad that you are here, but like anything... please take the time to review any information to give you a better understanding on how you can build your own cloud based media server, learn about linux, and much more!

    NOTE: The new Wiki is under heavy construction
    • PG is 100% free!
    • Deployable on any local cpu or remote server

    Quick Flash Movie Opener

    Keep in mind that we had to create a quick flash movie opener. It's to demonstrate the motivation that we as the members all put into this project! If you have a second, please take a quick second to check it out!

    Why should I utilize PlexGuide?

    First, you may be asking yourself... why am I here and what can PlexGuide do for me?..
    PlexGuide serves a variety of useful purposes and we find that most members gain the following:
    • Building a media server that utilizes local Drives or unlimited google cloud Drives as a back-end storage
    • Learning about Linux, Docker, and Ansible
    • Networking other members and gaining a further insight on how to better manage and deploy a server in general
    There is much to be gained out of utilizing PlexGuide. Sometimes you may feel a sense of accomplishment in learning something new or go stir-crazy because an unknown problem is staring you in the face... but that's how learning works; learn through challenges and frustration. Where we come is attempting to answer many of the unknown questions that you may faced with!


    Introduction Questions

    We want to provide you a fundamental understanding of why PlexGuide exists and what purpose it serves! Here are the fundamental questions on what created PlexGuide.
    • Is there a way to deploy a server in under 30 minutes and have full-fledged programs operational?
    • Is there a way to backup and recover a server quickly?
    • Is there a way to avoid dependency hell that typically comes with Linux?
    • Is there a way to move data to the cloud, instead of piling up endless hard Drives?
    • Is there a way to utilize Google Drive without reaching a read/write file transfer ban?
    • Is there a way to deploy a server under numerous conditions; even move data from various configurations?
    • Is there a way that we can teach others Linux along the way and assist those who aspire to learn?
    • Is there a way to transfer PlexGuide's documented use to a script?
    • Is there a way to easily fork and allow users to make modifications within seconds to test or utilize?
    • Is there a way delegation of knowledge can be shared, rather than stuck with a few primary coders?
    As you can see, there are a lot of questions and too few answers. Why? Because everyone who desires to deploy a server has a certain configuration, limited resources, and a different pool of knowledge that truly simplifies the entire process. First, we must define a scope and/or a mission.


    Installation Video

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