B. Changelog

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    • APPGuard bugged. may be used but pending rewrite
    • see https://plexguide.com/threads/netdata-not-secure-in-6-045.1858/#post-9965


    • Force python update for some users still older version of 3.5 to 3.6
    • Force dependency update to install file required for plex (for some users)
    • fixed TLD rebuild exit issue, works, but at the end; would stop due to a left over ;;
      • https://github.com/Admin9705/PlexGuide.com-The-Awesome-Plex-Server/issues/518
    • WoosterInitiative - copies the "scripts" folder into the root of the app
      • https://github.com/Admin9705/PlexGuide.com-The-Awesome-Plex-Server/pull/521
    • Plex now installs correctly at the top domain level
      • https://github.com/Admin9705/PlexGuide.com-The-Awesome-Plex-Server/issues/518
    • Removed a flashing pgexit on the Traefik/TLD rebuilds


    • Added PG Move Title to Blue Menu
    • When exiting out of the transport menu, the ending would flash. Repaired to stop seeing.
    • PGTrak fixed; minor typos prevented deployment.
    • Plex Bug fixed from 6.039
    • Traefik updated to 1.7 (you need to redeploy traefik for the PG WCKD authentication)


    • Installs dependencies for the few that were having plex deployment issues
    • Fixed up plex enhancement menu to new format | removed garbage items
    • minor bug fixes
    • plex tools good to go
    • fixed sonarr/radarr mappings for rutorrent: https://github.com/Admin9705/PlexGuide.com-The-Awesome-Plex-Server/issues/511


    • fixed vpn menu option - type vpn on the applist
    • new interface for transport system
    • fix mislabled selection option for pgmove, a bug created by 6.036
    • fix rutorrent mapping - https://github.com/Admin9705/PlexGuide.com-The-Awesome-Plex-Server/issues/446


    • Fixed Sonarr4k - https://github.com/Admin9705/PlexGuide.com-The-Awesome-Plex-Server/issues/478
    • Fixed Ombi4k - https://github.com/Admin9705/PlexGuide.com-The-Awesome-Plex-Server/issues/483
    • New Application Menu System - Bye are the blue submenus - also added error checking on user input!


    • Fixed RClone Move Script: https://github.com/Admin9705/PlexGuide.com-The-Awesome-Plex-Server/issues/475
    • Fixed editon.sh issue
    • Added prompts and corrections for new user install
    • Added Wiki Article pyLoad for username & password: https://github.com/Admin9705/PlexGuide.com-The-Awesome-Plex-Server/issues/440
    • Fixed Lidarr's GUID / PUID to match up with LinuxServer: https://github.com/Admin9705/PlexGuide.com-The-Awesome-Plex-Server/issues/468


    • Bazarr was added to programs
    • Heimdall and Muximux Repaired (would lose info)
    • New Backup & Restore System | Crons Adjusted - You must redeploy containers for NEW CRONS to WORK
    • Downloads for RESTORE are much faster; had legacy code in place (surprised no one caught)
    • Moved items for RESTORE and BACKUP to /mnt/pgops instead of TMP (to stop problems) - Future update will allow user to choose location
    • New PG Start Main Menu (will be in conversion overtime)
    • Removed tons of useless code
    • Streamlined Ansible Code in More Locations
    • PGTracker (added by Physik) - more to come
    • Code Cleanup (by @bryde)
    • Updated PGTrak to new format
    • Updated wiki for new restore and backup: https://plexguide.com/news/wiki/backup-restore/
    • Misc Bug Fixes


    • Updated PGTrak to newest version for PG
    • Python 3.6 fix for PGDupes - Just visit menu (of pgdupes for older users) and symbolic link installs
    • Removed Recalling Extra Variables
    • Fixed VPN Bugs


    • Rewrote JSON Validator for better accuracy!


    • Fixed AllTube's Ports @Bryde
    • Improved NextCloud @Bryde
    • Most Containers utilize new format
    • Auto Extract RARs for NZBGET - https://github.com/Admin9705/PlexGuide.com-The-Awesome-Plex-Server/pull/443
    • Improved Top Level Domain Selection
    • Improved CI Checks (added more)
    • Fixed 2 rogue YMLs
    • Added T-Shoot Reprocess BAD JSONs
    • Menu Code Cleanup @Bryde
    • Added New Backup Menu @Bryde (and fixed and added new items
    • Ubooquity Fixed @Teresa



    • Improve CI
    • Fixed PG Blitz for allow use of unprocessed keys


    • Improved CI Checks (Now Includes Plex)
      • Continuous Integration which checks for bugs
    • Complete Rewrite of 35% of major program YMLs
    • Rewrote PGMStart (improved logical flow for role execution)
    • Rewrote PGMEnd (improved logical flow for role execution)
    • @Bryde - VFS improvement, logging, and execution of PGDrives
      • relaunch PGDrives


    • Improving CI checks. Overcame the ability to check containers (with complicated situations or questions)
    • HotFix (for broken PG)


    • PG Blitz takes into account of 2nd HD
    • PG Blitz will use all GDSA's now if you upload more in the future (past wise, would use only last set uploaded)
    • Rewrote 2nd HD and called download point / updated and cleaned up format
    • Download Point (2nd HD) now on PGBlitz Menu


    • Has new default variable system to prevent ansible from stopping on key unique variables that may/maynot exist


    • rclone move only moves 100gb of data to a GDSA
      • prevents filling up GDSA with over 750GB (which can causes a ban)
      • better enables data being spread across the GDSA’s
      • will enable future multitasking
    • pg alias fixed
      • affect new users where pglog, pgedge and basic commands did not work
      • bug caused it not to execute
      • fixed spgbltiz / typo near top
    • @GrubbyDungles pushed fixes (here)
      • nowshowing should deploy, fixed mislabeling
      • fixed some programs for watch tower to track
    • PG Blitz
      • Warns you that gdrive and tdrive is configured if not done so
      • When both are set, the unencrypted shows up
      • Improved user handling when executing the programs
      • Broke down the YMLs for execution


    • Updated PGBlitz to Stable
    • Sidirius Fixes
      • Updated UnionFS for ST2 Encrypted for Speed Up
      • GDSA wording fixes for Encrypted


    • E-Mail Generator Added for PGBlitz
    • Disable PGBlitz Added
    • PGBlitz saves your TDrive and GDrive info if you decide to baseline it!
    • PG Blitz - Files must be a minute old prior to moving to proper assigned GDSA for upload
    • PG Blitz - Empty folders delete
    • PG Blitz - Using rclone move for better handling of the files
    • PG Blitz - Added excludes to the rclone move for local (thanks @physk )


    • Code Cleaned Up
      • SABNZBD
      • NZBGET
      • AirSonic
      • BookSonic
      • AllTube
      • Bazarr (Not Done)
    • Added PGBlitz (rough beta; works)
    • Sped Up UnionFS (Needs Testing)
      • https://plexguide.com/threads/unionfs-slow-transfer-speeds.1463/page-2#post-8891
    • Tautulli Fix - IMDBMonkey. Thanks!


    • Create a PG Ops Folder for permissions issues on /tmp/ folder for Mass Backup
    • Update UB18 Docker from 18.05 to 18.06
    • Improved Docker Installer for Better Detection
    • Added to Info & TShoot - PreInstall Force Everything Reinstall
    • Forced folders role to rerun for GCE deployment - rare bug where doesn't create foldres for a few users
    • Move & GDrive Cleanup (By @Migz)
      • https://github.com/Admin9705/PlexGuide.com-The-Awesome-Plex-Server/pull/332


    • Improved PGFork (If PG goes missing, PG Fork will work without having to restart PG when redownloaded)
    • Improved Docker Installer Coding
    • Traefik - NameCheap API input fixed


    • Lazy Librarian converted to new format and working
    • Version tested heavily for new bugs (GDrive and Feeder Edition)
    • Added Wording ST2 to wait 1-2 minutes for CloudCMD to load (some users don't know)
    • Repaired HTC Manager, fixed top level domain bug
    • Repaired PG AppGuard / Ports Close & Open - Works as it did in PG5
      • New Wiki Updates
        • https://plexguide.com/wikis/gandi-traefik/ (Gandi & Traefik)
        • https://plexguide.com/wikis/godaddy-and-traefik/ (GoDaddy & Traefik)
        • https://plexguide.com/wikis/cloudflare-and-traefik/ (CloudFlare & Traefik)
        • https://plexguide.com/wikis/namecheap-and-traefik/
        • https://plexguide.com/wikis/traefik-duckdns/


    • Repaired rclone issue for mounting


    • RClone for ST2 fixed for GCE and regular installs.


    • Improved RClone Installer - Locks Down to a Specific Version to prevent disaster as with Ansible prior
      • Locks to RClone for Installs 1.42
    • GCE no longer auto launches programs; will prevent unionfs issues for some
    • Moved and relinked tons of scripts for reorganization
    • Backup fixed, reverse code resulted in a bug


    • CouchPotato Fixed for v6
    • pgedge --- command now added, directs edge version automatically
    • updated ending info to reflect pgedge change command info


    • Ansible hold set in place for older users of PG5 to assist
    • Traefik Domain Display Fix - Unbugged (visual effect)
    • Gandiv5 Domains can now be used for Traefik ( .online and .pw domains usually .50 cents - 99 cents per year)
    • Moved several files around for centralization
    • Improved PGFork and PGEdge selection updates
    • Fixed NZBHydra Word Reference (would ask for Sonarr Selection)
    • RuTorrent Unbugged / Regular
    • Repaired Asking for Server ID (it didn't do before, would put today's date as an emergency place holder)
    • New Plex Interface Rollout
    • Tossed Old Code
    • NameCheap and DuckDNS for Traefik are repaired
    • SAB - Got rid of the validation host problem
    • After deploying an app, it displays the access info and pauses for the user!
    • PG Move now allows you to place upload bandwidth limits on it. Useful for ZenDrive users or low use downloaders who do not exceed the 750GB cap (for unencyprted users)
    • PG Edge has been updated to overwrite the plexguide folder; prior setup wouldn't if folder was present
    • GCE Menu updated to included the use of all mounts
    • Update menu remove developer edition (no longer needed to to new update format)
    • Typo Fixes
    • Fixed PGTrak
    • Fixed QBit Torrent (permission issues)
    • Updated plexguide command to better download if plexguide is missing
    • Minor PGTrak Fixes
    • Command > backup - So you can directly access solo backup for emergency reasons!
    • Ports for Server Security - Ports Open and Close are Good To Go for PG6
    • PG Fork Fix for Variable, if not updated, you'll have to keep putting in the url everytime
    • EDGE now loads the true edge Version from PG. An ansible preinstaller was added for new box deployments.
    • Added PGFork
    • Removed Top Level Domain from Tautulli, keep causing problems
    • Repaired Traefik Status Tag
    • Fixed OrganizrV2 Backup / Restore
    • OrganizrV2 Failed to output data, fixed
    • Holds Ansible @ 2.55 which forced the early release of PG6
    • New Traefik System
    • Improved Startup Installer
    • Better Deployment Handling
    • Better Organization Structure
    • CloudCMD Repair
    • GCE Added Apps
    • Better Cron System
    • Output Message for addtional subdomains
    • Allow user to create a subdomain (difficult)
    • Make future update to make Drive Monitor Optional
    • Feature (Automate the prune command)
    • Have Folders role deploy when key folders are missing
    • Put a notice when conducting a recovery, to notify user to change recovery ID for a different server
      • Basically, a user may recover an old server but forgets to change ID. If so, they are wondering why they cannot see