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PlexGuide Mission Statement

PlexGuide is an all-in-one media solution that deploys a Media Server through the use of Google Drive; serving as an unlimited back-end storage. PlexGuide utilizes Ansible and Docker to streamline your Media Server, while deploying multiple tools for your Server Operations.

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YouTube Video PlexGuide - Ombi Version 3 Demonstration
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Good Evening Team,

Made another video to demonstrate the use of Ombi Version 3. It's one of my favorite programs and it makes it much easier to manage your requests for TV Shows and Movies. Ombi has the ability to tie in with Sonarr and Radarr and has a simple mobile view. Even without users, it's a great program to manage your own requests. Make sure to visit his GITHUB and...
YouTube Video PG Demo Video on HeimDall
  • 431
  • 10

Made a quick video demo for those who want to utilize Heimdall to better organize the mass amount of content that is deployed. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. @Kode is pretty fast on jumping in. Also visit his GitHub site and STAR his project:

Info PlexGuide Upgrade 5.039 > 5.040
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  • Updating will require new backs ups if you have any - new .tar format is utilized over .zip
  • If running 5.038 and below; ensure you:
    • Rerun plexdrive to activate new service (let it finish and reboot) (do not have enter tokens)
    • Rerun your version of rclone to activate the new service (may have to reboot) (do not have to enter...
PlexGuide Update 5.038 > 5.039
  • 554
  • 42
If upgrading you must do the following:

1. Run PlexDrive from the Menu (when complete, reboot)
2. Run RClone, then quit (when complete - recommend to reboot)

You WILL NOT have to enter any token information!

This basically installs the new services.

  • Install...
News Articles PlexGuide Upgrade to PlexDrive5 - via @DesignGears
  • 234
  • 6
PlexGuide now uses version 5 of PlexDrive with the direct contribution from @designgears and advisement of @RXWatcher. It should resolve the Emby streaming issues! Thanks Team!

Note: read the changelog on the github for upgrades

Please view this for extra info...
News Articles PlexGuide Reddit Conversion / Seeking Mod
  • 175
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I'll have it integrated running soon. If your a reddit user, please subscribe to:

The original reason was it was named the AWESOME PLEX was...
Info Organizing Content with Dynamic Libraries
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Do you have so many movies linux ISO's you find it hard to pick one to watch? Are you overwhelmed with choices when you browse your library?

In this guide, I'll show you how to segment your Plex library with trakt lists. The goal is to present your media into useful sections to minimize decision fatigue for you and your users. Best of all, you don't need broad erudition of film history...
Idea Incorporated! New Ansible Backup Coming Soon
  • 132
  • 3

New backup script coming soon in Ansible format. Proof of concept worked out well. Will build out menus soon and then work the restore piece. It requires the newest update (it doesn't mess with your old backup). Also, we will ensure it does not mess with your old backup. The new menu will have the old menu option incase :D

Note, location of...

Working On SSL Wildcards for PG Subdomains

  • 120
  • 0
So checking with Traefik, tons of developers are working on V2 for Traefik. Once developed, late Jan, early Feb; we will add support to PlexGuide. The SSL has been somewhat a headache due to rate limits and etc. A wild card SSL basically generates one certificate and results in handling all of your subdomains. If you have no idea what this is; just smile. If you know; cheer. If you dealt...

Idea Incorporated! For Developers - Ansible ToolBox

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So I did some searching on github for Ansible and came across Ansible Tool-Box on github! What this allows us to do now is not type this to test a command:
- sudo ansible-playbook /opt/plexguide/ansible/plexguide.yml --tags preinstall
Somewhat a pain right? @designgears should like this :D
Now you can type:
sudo ansible-role...

(Early) Happy Valentine's Day to All

  • 195
  • 9
I just want to take a second and wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day to all. Even though not celebrated everywhere, remember to take the time to focus on your loved ones, including your family and tell them how much you care. We all have busy lives and busy schedules and it's our loved ones that make us who we are. It's just something I say to even...
Info Heimdall Added to PG Applications
  • 542
  • 22

Heimdall has been added to the PlexGuide Applicaiton suite. Run the lastest update and you'll find it under PROGRAMS > UI Organizers! Thanks to @pentaganos for an awesome suggestion. We hope that KodeStar's project continues to grow! Use port 1111 for the program and wait for up to a minute to see the program launch!

Visit their project at...
Info EU Hosting Providers
  • 314
  • 7
If you are looking to run a remote server, it pays to know who is reselling who. Most 'brands' have a number of sub brands pitched at different types of user, you usually have the main brand offering higher spec's/customisation options with managed options, then sub brands that offer off the shelf products with limited/no customisation. Understanding who's who can save you a small fortune each...
Info Update 5.037 > 5.038 (CouchPotato Foucs)
  • 161
  • 1

Couchpotato has been added. It's somewhat of a beta; folder paths should work. Making a mini wiki to start. Report any problems with the program!

- CouchPotato Container Added (No Wiki Yet)

- Fixed RClone Menu Size in PlexGuide
- CouchPotato no longer starts up with the Wizard
- CouchPotato Blackhole turned off

- CouchPotato from the Beta Menu
Info Update: 5.036 > 5.037 (SABNZBD Focus)
  • 152
  • 2

The following changes were made for 5.036. Note, this only helps if you are deploying SABNZBD for the first time.

  • SABNZBD: Automated location of /download and /incomplete folder; user no longer needs to setup
  • SABNZBD: Automated location of /nzb and /admin folder; user no longer needs to setup
  • SABNZBD: Ignore Samples turned on...
Update: 5.035 > 5.036
  • 141
  • 0

Version 5.036 is now released. All of the updates/fixes are listed below

- NZBHydra2 to WatchTower
- Category Fields Locations for NZBGET for /tv /movie /music /ebook; users no longer have to add
- NCDU menu
- Fixed Movies category issues, new deployment results in /movies now instead of /Movies

- Tidied up VPN Torrent - old way menu
- Moved NCDU menu from...
YouTube Video 101 Crash Course - NZBs & NewsGroups
  • 422
  • 1

Attached is a video in where we talk about the following, what are NZBs, how they work, hey the work with Sonarr and NZBGET (real time demo), a bit of history, and work-data flow. I hope this helps you and provides a much deeper understanding!
ON YOUTUBE - Please thumbs up (y) the video, subscribe, and share if you like it. [COLOR=rgb(97, 189...
Idea Incorporated! NCDU
  • 302
  • 9
This application allows you to see what directories are using up the most space

We've prepared a menu to make it easier for you to check the main directories you will use with Plexguide, it's very useful when troubleshooting drive space...
YouTube Video Apple HomePod Quick Speaker Review
  • 426
  • 2
Good Evening Team,

I added a quick video on the quick unboxing of the Apple HomePod. Pretty simple and to the point; typical Apple. ON YOUTUBE - Please thumbs up (y) the video, subscribe, and share if you like it. It helps us grow! The Video is a Quick Review...
YouTube Video - Apple HomePod Unboxing
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Good Evening Team,

I added a quick video on the quick unboxing of the Apple HomePod. Pretty simple and to the point; typical Apple. ON YOUTUBE - Please thumbs up (y) the video, subscribe, and share if you like it. It helps us grow!

YouTube - Apple HomePod Unboxing
[COLOR=rgb(251, 160...

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