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News Articles 5.099 Update 1

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Read prior one for other updates; this has the encryption fixes by @Deiteq - If there is any issues with the cert info on the loadup, just let us know. Please report any issues.

This is also needed for the RCLONE BETA fix issue. This update resolves that and what's need for PG Drives...
News Articles 5.099 Stable Released
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5.099 has some major updates. This has summary info going back to 5.092.

- Upgrade a server from 5.086 to 5.099 and experienced no issues; just redeployed pgdrive and rebooted the system
- Wordpress has been added.
- MultiServer Recover/Restore! Yes, no more overwriting your only backup...

News Articles 5.098 Stable Released (WordPress)

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Wordpress is a go on the menu with everything working and being restored! Some small fixes have been made. Enjoy! Also, upgraded a server from 5.086 to 5.098 and went well; just reboot your server incase after!

News Articles PG 5.098 Beta 3 (WP Improvements)
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Deployment, restoration, and backing up the WP server is ready to go. Proper backing up of the database and what's installed works correctly (that's was fun). Also when you restore a WordPress Server, it deploys back with the proper port and subdomain. I would not use this for production...

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