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PlexGuide Mission Statement

PlexGuide is an all-in-one media solution that deploys a Media Server through the use of Google Drive; serving as an unlimited back-end storage. PlexGuide utilizes Ansible and Docker to streamline your Media Server, while deploying multiple tools for your Server Operations.

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Info Understanding the Plexguide Ecosystem
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There's a ton of moving parts involved in building an automated media server. It's a bit like assembling legos, but more complex. In this guide, I break down and explain each part in the context of the entire system.
Understanding The PlexGuide Ecosystem.
Info 500 Members!
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We hit 500 forum members! Hope we can hit a 1000!

Utilize Google Cloud with PG for free.

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As most of you have a new domain and using google suite you are eligible for $300 in google cloud credits.

Using this you can create a PlexGuide server within minutes and have it running (depending on which server you select) for a good few months before trial credits run out. This is a great way of...
Info New Wiki Link
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In order to streamline PlexGuide's documentation, we incorporated a new system at - If you want to edit any article, just register an account and you will be good to go! We do need your help. Some of you are more proficient in the use of a program! Any help will be appreciated.

Info 5.062 Stable Released
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Another good update. No issues reported an did extensive testing. Enjoy!

  • Ubooquity works, read instructions carefully in wiki on how to access
  • Added Pushover Role, now can call up easily in bash - Ansible is my work horse :D
  • (SuperSpeed) Flicker-Rate's Multi-Gdrive Upload...
Info Dev ED: Pushover Improving
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We are working hard to utilizing pushover. Slack is next on the list but now it will give you info on the install process, when you conduct backups, restores, and plex related information! We are also looking to implement in the use of the new super speeds so when your uploads switch to a new drive, when you upload 750gb is maxed, and a user...
Info Beta2 - 5.062: SuperSpeed MultiDrive & PushOver
  • 248
  • 10

Some good updates. Pushover works. Just need feedback what types of notifications are useful. Put in some default places like backup, install process, and a few other places to get it going. Also, @flicker-rate put his incredible super-multi gdrive script into the program. Goto settings to activate. You can add...
Info Beta 5.062 v1 & Some Info
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  1. Please visit for the BETA version of the new wiki. Create an account and you have the ability to contribute also.
  2. View the BETA changes below; important for OMBI.
  3. A new hacks section will be added to the forum for people who talk about modifications to the script. If easy to...
Info Dev 5.062 Update for Ombi & SAB
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Requires you to install the latest version

#### Added
- (D) NextCloud Container works; access via domain : port only

#### Changed
- (D) Container Starts up after a local backup is made on the server; speeds up pending container use
- (D) Changed SAB to port 8080; https:// now works for SABNZBD
- (D) Changed Ombi Source / Requires a rerun if...
Info Week Long Break
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Hey Team,

I always say; but taking a week long break. I'll check for any PM's, but mentally exhausted :D Plus it's good I come back refreshed. If you want to help, please sign up for a new account @ - @flicker-rate is the knowledge manager, so contact via PM if you have crazy changes...

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